The notorious Poker Face has crawled into our vocabulary like Shakespeare’s words in literature. If a Poker Face once referred to “acting cool” when bluffing, it has now taken a whole new meaning. Nowadays, a Poker Face may apply to facial expressions meant to show a feeling of “shock”, “surprise” or “lack of things to say”. It may also apply to the theatrical techniques. There is only one context in which a Poker face remains an authentic Poker Face, and that is the gambling industry. Here are some tips and tricks to put on the perfect Poker Face:

1. Relax

Easier said than done. We know. Nevertheless, the first step is trying to relax. A Poker Face is not just about your facial expressions, but it also involves the state of your body. If your hands start shaking, your face won’t necessarily make up for it. When you sit down at a table, you have to be 100% confident and have complete trust in your choices.

2. Take control

Whereas some may choose to wear glasses in order to hide their bluff, some adopt a totally different technique. Instead of hiding their reaction, they choose to take control over the table and make the others feel watched. This way, the tension moves away from you, creating a difficult atmosphere for the others.

3. Be clever about it

You can always use a Poker Face in order to induce confusion around the table. While a Poker Face will hide all your inner reactions, it will also act as a great method to create confusion. With a poker face, you will be able to make others believe you are bluffing (when you are actually not). You can trick the other players into bidding more, while thinking that you don’t really have such a good hand.

With online gambling, you won’t need a Poker Face. It all happens in the intimacy of your home. Nevertheless, online casinos are the best place to practice your Poker Face. Plus, you can try out hundreds of different games!