Is online gambling legal in New Jersey?

In 2011, the state constitution only allowed casino gambling in Atlantic City, so the legislation specified that the computer servers operating the online gambling websites must be located at licensed casinos in Atlantic City.

The bill to allow online gambling in New Jersey evaded possible federal prohibitions against online gambling by authorizing the Casino Control Commission to create regulations to ensure that the bets were placed from inside New Jersey.

However, the Governor was worried that commercial business as nightclubs and cafes around the state would become gambling hubs if people would be allowed to bet through any computer, so the legislation was vetoed.

Also, several federal courts decisions have said that an online bet occurs in both the location of the website, and the location of the gambler.

Then, it was drafted a new legislation that prohibits businesses other than Atlantic City casinos from advertising online gambling, or allowing their facilities to be used for online gambling.

On February, 2013, a revised bill permitting Internet gambling was overwhelming approved by the New Jersey Legislature, and then signed into law.

Trial Period for Online Casinos In New Jersey

The law legalizes online casino gambling for a 10-year trial period, restricts the operation of the websites to Atlantic City’s eleven casinos, and imposes a 15% tax on online gambling revenue, instead of the 8% currently imposed on casinos.

The act requires that the gambler be at least 21 years old and play from a computer in New Jersey and that his location must be verified through a global positioning system (GPS).