2011 was the year when Raymond Lesniak sponsored a bill in the house to legalize online gambling in New Jersey. At the time, only two other states had taken this step, and so some say it as a long shot. At that time, residents of NJ could only gamble in the city – Atlantic City where all the land-based casinos are, and so weekends were the most popular gambling days.

Legal Gambling In New Jersey

When the bill was tabled, numbers were presented to show how favorable this venture would be for both the federal and state governments. The industry had made a whopping $3.3 billion in 2011 alone, and so there was lots of money to be made if gamblers could access online facilities. When the bill passed, NJ became the first state to allow online gambling and a few others have followed suit.

NJ Legal Online Casinos

The law stipulate that all legal online casinos in NJ be licensed by land-based casinos to ensure sanity is maintained. These casinos have to keep their servers in Atlantic City where they can be monitored in the event of bad practices and that has made the industry stronger. There is still lots of money to be made being as none of the top casinos has folded yet even with intensified competition.

Requirements for Legal Gambling

The requirements to gamblers for legal gambling online are few and quite simple. To be a registered gambler, you will need an account with a licensed online casino and be at least 21 years old. Those casinos that don’t ask for these details are likely to be unlicensed and you risk losing your money or personal information when you work with them. You are also required to be within the state when opening your account, even if you are not a resident.