For players who want to play online casino games, Divine Fortune is one of the most popular one amongst gamblers. Last month, the progressive slot hit the mainstream. As a result, a woman from New Jersey won a total prize of $287,945 after betting a mere $2. The was juggling a conference call and gambling on the mobile Play SugarHouse app when she won the prize. At that point, it was the largest jackpot won in a Divine Fortune game registered in NJ history.

However, the jackpot record would not stand for a long time. Just two days later, another gambler managed to win a stunning $314,341.

The online casino industry in New Jersey has its fair share of progressive slots. Some of them even offer top prizes that show seven-figures. However, Divine Fortune, a game that was launched in early 2017, along with its comparatively trifling jackpots is, without doubt, the most popular. According to the specialists, players are attracted to the title by the game’s graphics and the fact that it comes from a developer with a long tradition of providing great jackpot games.

What makes Divine Fortune great?

As a strong argument, Divine Fortune manages to accomplish something that only a few other progressive slots do. To be more precise, it offers a delicate balance between jackpot size and hit frequency.

At the same time, the base game, where players’ trigger respins every time a wild appears on a reel, manages to slow down the burn rate on player bankrolls. It also offers gamblers the chance to win some pretty big amounts of money. This is not a very popular aspect when it comes to progressive slots. It is generally accepted that the base game will be tight, acting more as a means to an end, with the end being a chance at the progressive.