1976 was the year when gambling was finally legalized in New Jersey. The Garden State became the second to legally allow gambling, but it would be many years till online gambling as finally legalized. In 2013, the sate finally allowed online casinos to operate but with some stringent rules.

NJ Legal Gambling

For a casino to be termed as NJ legal gambling in New Jersey, it has to be licensed under an existing land-based casino in Atlantic City. This means that the casino’s servers have to be located physically in Atlantic City. This has led to collaborations among several entities, being as land-based casinos are allowed to license as many as 3 online casinos.

One of the main reasons for this condition is for the state to be able to keep an eye on the activities of online casinos. Information shared with them is also safe when the government knows what is happening in the online space.

Legal Gambling Age in New Jersey

21 and above is the allowed legal age for gambling in New Jersey. Of course you will be asked to provide proof of age when registering an account, and so the state will be sure that it is only allowing those within the allowed age bracket to participate in gambling. There are some unregistered outlets that will care less for age limit, but you are wise to stay away from those.

For legal online gambling, you will have to be within the state to participate. A casino’s software will detect when you are logging in from outside the borders of the state and make it impossible for you to do so. You can play for free in any of the online casinos without making any deposits or play for real money when you finally feel ready to get into the game.