Question: is online casino gambling legal? In 2013, New Jersey passed law that would legalize gambling in the state in an attempt to remedy its ailing economy. The bill, after being assented in 2013, brought about a boom that has been experienced in the state from then to date. Online gambling wasn’t too far behind and in 2018, sports betting became the newest kid in the block. Even though legislation was only passed and implemented in August, NJ is already seeing massive growth in this sector.

Legalizing All Forms of Gambling

Being as there are many types of gambling they have all been legalized to make the state and federal governments some income in taxes and also to regulate the act, which was previously unregulated and hence quite insecure. Making online poker gambling legal has also led to a spike in the number or gamblers, being as it can be done anywhere as long as the player has access to the internet and a portable smart device. Most sites and casinos warn their players to watch out for addiction, adding a toll-free number to call in case one needs help.

Since the legalization of online gambling, land-based casinos were given the mandate to license their online counterparts. This has seen the collaboration of several casinos. It has also led to competition and innovation, with the newest entrant, SugarHouse, giving all the other players a run for their money.

The change in legislation was quite welcome to help the state regain some of its lost glory and to improve its incomes. Interestingly, a number or NJ residents also earn a decent living off online gambling. A few large jackpots have been won too, bringing lots of attention to the pass time.

Where does one start? By deciding the type of gambling they are interested in and visiting the site of the licensed casinos to decide which is the best fit.