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Are you interested in playing online roulette? You are not alone. Many people select this game since it easy to understand and play. It is among the few casino games that need minimal training and has a simple strategy to learn. While most of the casino games need some skills, this is a game of chance that you will enjoy playing. It is also a readily available table game that you can access from any part of the world. Roulette also features a reasonably low house edge, thus giving you a chance of making good cash from your gameplay.

Follow these tips as you play online roulette

Before playing, you should know that this a game of different variations. Start by selecting the right variant according to your level of experience in the game. Though you can choose to play the game from a regular online platform, playing roulette live is more enjoyable. You can start by practicing the game for free on the fun mode. The site that you choose should also enable you to play cross-compatible roulette games. This gives you the chance to play your favorite roulette game from either a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

The top 3 roulette games you should consider

The popularity of online roulette made software developers come up with different variants of the game. You can choose from the following variants.

  • American Roulette

The US version of roulette has unique rules and game style. It features two zeros including a single and double 0.

  • European roulette

This represents the dominant variant of roulette that comes with 37 numbers. It includes a green single 0.

  • French roulette

What makes this variant different from the rest is the implementation of En Prison and La Partage rules.