What makes SugarHouse, Tropicana, and Golden Nugget stand out when there are so many other land-based and online casinos in NJ? Well, these casinos have narrowed their expertise down and mastered a handful of strategies that work well for gamblers in the state. They have effortlessly become the top free online casinos in the state where others are struggling to catch up.

Game Diversity in New Jersey Casinos

One thing is true of NJ casinos. They need to diversify their game collections as now it feels as though the same old have been reinvented too many times. These online casinos are making do with what they have presently, but gamblers may start demanding more sooner than later, and so there is need for diversity.

SugarHouse Online Casino

Which brings us to our top casino in NJ according to consumer selection and preference. When it comes to top online casino games in the state, this casino takes it hands down. SugarHouse has over 400 games in its portfolio, a factor that has led it to take a huge chunk of the market. Add the friendly user experience on its software and great customer care and you have a leader.

Tropicana and Golden Nugget

These two use a similar strategy to attract and keep gamblers; bonuses. Casino bonuses aren’t exactly that as the house puts strict restrictions on withdrawal, but they cushion you against loss and so they are a nice package for when you want to take a risk.

Tropicana uses a No-deposit bonus to get the newbie players while Golden Nugget’s deposit bonus is such an enticement for existing gamblers. These strategies may not make up for lack of game diversity, but they are working.

Start Small, Play Free

Start by playing free online casino slots or free online casino poker until you are ready to play for real money and you will enjoy gambling much better.