Since online sports betting was legalized in New Jersey, there has been quest for information on all things gambling. Each casino will appeal to a section of people for various reasons, and so we put a list of those that we feel have an edge over the rest.

  • Sugar House Casino

Being a new kid in the block, Sugar House is catching up fast by allowing you to play free online casinos to help you improve your skills right before you graduate to the higher ranks. It also helps that its games are innovative and interesting.

  • Divine Fortune Casino

This casino has been in the news twice for something phenomenal – two winners have taken home some insane amounts after betting with less than $5 each. They balance their hit frequency and jackpot sizes in a way no other casino has done yet. It is known to many as the best online casinos for real money yet.

  • Borgata and Pala Casino

These two have been on the gambling scene from the get-go and so they are quite stable. They are trusted by players for being here long enough and not disappointing. Borgata is known to many as the best online casinos with no deposit bonuses. Having been land-based for long has helped the management know what works for their online venture as well.

  • Caesars Online Casino

Another one that has been on the NJ scene long enough to know what to expect, Caesars is quickly learning not to underestimate its newer competition. The management is actively teaming up with game developers to overhaul the casino’s online games while working on the ones with issues.

Choose to Start

NJ residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing which house to work with when they want to play online casinos games. How about trying each of them?